Sunday, March 8, 2009

Episode 7: Reverse Polish Podcast

Chris has gone through some changes
What calculators used to look like
Roll dem bones
They did it 1st
Why HP is better...And his name was Bill Duke
Look for the problem(hint you see Doctor Manhattan's a lot)
Obama's true Identity


  1. Awesome podcast again this week, as expected. I was curious if you guys were aware of a comedic band (duo, really) called Hard N Phirm. They have some good songs that tangentially relate to math, or at least science. Derive what you will out of them.
    Lennart (Ottawa, Canada)

  2. Thank You for the support, I am scared that the expectations of our podcast are that it will be awesome a lot of pressure to put on a guy but we will do our best not to disappoint.

    I do know of Hard N Phirm, I actually follow Chris Hardwick's twitter @nerdist, and I will have the joy of getting to see them sometime in June and I will do my best to record a couple of math questions with them and put it on the podcast.